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William Fratianni » Math Computer Lab 1

Math Computer Lab 1

The math computer lab is in room 1. We have 24 student stations which have software programs that expand and enrich the educational opportunities for our students.

We run Pearson Successmaker Online V4 to provide cutting-edge research-supported curriculum based content to help all our students achieve academic success and prepare them for the more rigorous STAAR State mandated assessment test.

The math computer lab is used as an extension STEM lab.
STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curriculum.

There are many STEM initiatives throughout the country to help the United States of America regain footing lost to other nations in those key areas.
It is our hope that by bridging the Math computer lab with a comprehensive STEM laden curriculum used in our Science Lab, in our Computer Science Lab and in our 21st Century Robotics Class we can prepare our students for a more rigorous academic future.

Study Island Program is also being used by our students.
Pearson Successnet program coupled with textbook adoption is used by our teachers.
Waterford ESL program is used by pre-k and kinder students.