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22 hrs of read aloud English and Spanish Sentences Website for English Language Learners. The website can be accessed with the ipads.
Instructions: Have each student click on remote mouse app.
Teacher: start remote mouse on laptop. write the ip address on board. have the students input that on remote mouse app to link to the laptop.
The students ipads will be able to control the Dell laptop.from their ipad.
Then open internet explorer to this website.
Lesson have each student click on a sentence, but before doing so have them try to say it out loud, afterwards have them click on the sentence and hear it.
select a second student and repeat.
ELL grammar quizzes -use remote mouse app on ipads Open the website, link the Dell Laptop to the ipads with remote mouse.
Once linked have guide students. select a question and have a student answer the multiple choice answer by using the remote mouse app on their ipad.
go around the room and have each student answer a question.
Website with English sentences translated to Spanish Use ipad with remote mouse app.
connect to Dell Laptop to control mouse from each ipad.
Have each student click on a sentence.