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      Video de como llenar solicitud de asistencia de comida PEBT, nuevo en la seccion NEWS.     
      Video de como llenar solicitud de asistencia de comida PEBT, nuevo en la seccion NEWS.     
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Bird spelling and word game manipulative This program is a great ESL and early language word learner. The program shows you the item then how many letters make up the word. The student looks for the letters using the bird to peck and find the word and populate the letter spaces. Fun , exciting and educational. Great speller helper.
How to use google classroom docs Videos how to Create a Quiz, Documents and share and how to upload files or a file using Google Suite.
Kodable app learning coding in a fun way Kodable is one of the best programming app for kids to teaching basic to complex level programming procedures. Kodable provides easy to follow lesson plans focused on student outcomes so teachers can teach their students to code, no computer science knowledge required.
Please parents if you can download this app for your kids it will keep them entertained while they learn math, logic, computer programming and technical computer language skills in a fun and enjoyable environment.
Mr Fratianni
PS ... this gets the students thinking logically. All skills learned are transferrable to Legos WeDo 2.0 Robotics and Scratch. so any thing they learn will add to their math skills and expand their range of thought.
Kodable app learning math easily while coding Using Kodable app to build a maze maker game using math and logic skills. very basic but good. Using add, subtract, shapes such as squares, and their mathematical properties like sides all the same length.
The students learn coding and programming and learn basic math functions and order of operations without even knowing they are learning all that.
W Fratianni
Computer, Robotics and technology teacher
Learning about rules in coding and programming A condition is an exception to a rule. How are conditional statements used in programming?

This short video gives an overview of conditions and if...then statements, and shows how these coding fundamentals are practiced in Kodable.

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Piano music teaching The music staff has 5 lines and 4 spaces.
It is here where we find the music notes that guide us to make music.
This app helps students start this wonderful journey into music making.
Enjoy learn teach.
give kids a pattern to click on and record. then have them hear it as a full song. Its a great program. teach them patterns with sounds.
example g6, b6,g6,b6,g6.b6 etc...
try it
Teachers virtual manipulatives online As we delve more and more into inline training and teaching, we need to think outside the box.
This great website offers teachers, parents and students hundreds if not thousands of ways to enhance and expand the lessons we provide.
Keep checking back as we share many ideas how we use this.

Virtual manipulatives online
share with your classroom
kindly share comments how you would use it and what you think about it?
W Fratianni
These are great review music videos on all parts of speech ( Grammar). Good for any grade levels These are great review music videos on all parts of speech ( Grammar). Good for any grade levels shared by Erika Cantu Flores. Curated by William Fratianni.
Word Mine Word Mine is a great resource to make a lesson interactive and fun.
have students find 10 words. they get a piece of paper, pencil and head to this website.
they start the exercise by moving around the avatar until they find .the letters to spell the words. they can screen shot the page as they utilize it. write down the words, extra points if they use a reference site such a dictionary to find definition.