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Ipad Volume Purchase Program for Ipads 2017

use this link to find apps on the Volume Purchase Program from Apple.
This where you will find apps that can be downloaded to your student and teacher assigned ipads from Valley View ISD.
Procedure to follow:
Click on above link
Peruse the offerings (Not all apps in Apple store will be found here)
make a note of name of app or do screenshot using Greenshot or other app within Windows 10.
In the heading of email please put Apple VPP Selection
I will create work order for you and send out to our Apple Technical Support Team to process the request.
Apps will start downloading over night over Ipad updates. Make sure Ipads are charged and connected to Ipad Enroll wifi connection.
If you need further help contact me, 
William Fratianni
Lab Manager / Technology Specialist at North
video that explains how our volume program works
Follow the link I gave you, search for apps in the bar.
once it shows up, it means its available on the Volume Purchase Program.
This is the program that Valley View ISD is implementing. Maintained by Mr. Victor Pruneda at Technology Department.
I am the facilitator here on campus.
Teacher William Fratianni, Computer Lab Manager and Technology Facilitator at Valley View North Elementary.
If the app does not show up during the search, that means its not available in that program.
It has not being vetted for educational or for education purposes.
So not all apps that are found on Apple Store may be available for Educational purposes.
If you need help , let me know.