Valley View North Elementary

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Study Island Tutorials

The District implemented use of Clever Program to manage student enrollment and class creations on Study Island. 
But many features to understand and use the program are available for Teachers.
The Teacher Toolkit allows Teachers to find resources to expand and correlate lessons from Study Island with your Tutorial sessions and or class instruction.
The Power User Program allows Educators to test their knowledge once they have completed learning modules within the Study Island Program.
They can test and evaluate their level of expertise in the subject matter.
Teachers can also get access to Statistical data and information through the ample Study Island Reports. The reports can be run by subject matter, individually and as a class. The reports can also compare schools to state statistics and other VVISD schools.
Once generated the reports can be printed, and edited as Excel spreadsheets, comma delimited files, and PDF files.
We will also upload videos of how to do specific training based on our users input.
Comments, ideas and suggestions can be mailed to care of : William Fratianni, curator and website administrator at Valley View North Elementary.
Here you will find useful training and tutorials how to best utilize Study Island Program.