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Special Programs

UIL - University Interscholastic League
UIL Program coordinator - Yadira Jimenez
The program serves as a conduit for competition amongst student peers in an intra-distric and inter-district ambiance. The students prepare themselves with coaches in areas of Spelling, Music Memory, Story telling amongst others.
Resource Program- The inclusionary program at Valley View North strives to achieve excellence in the delivery of data driven curriculum to all of its students. We have specialized software programs, assistive technology devices, reading focused apparatus that enhance the reading experience for our students.
The Resource Certified Teacher that heads our award winning program is Mr. Luis Santana.
Reading Intervention Programs headed by Mrs. Segura and Mrs. Castillo. Come see all the fun and exciting activities that students are being exposed to in order to accelerate their reading potential.
Computer Labs 1 , 2 and 3.  headed by Mr. William Fratianni . Come see the exciting curriculum being presented to the students at our campus federally funded computer labs.
Robotics- T-STEM Elementary  We prepare students to use direct current wiring ( battery powered systems) to build K-Nex projects. We also teach energy transformation, green technologies (recycling) and we lay the foundation for students to be successful at the middle school and high school level robotics classes.
Technology Corner - Place where Technology meets Education head on. We explore all kinds of technologies on our campus. Through the use of electronics, mathematics, hi-tech gadgets, hands-on science experiments, and robotics we prepare teachers, students and 21st Century participants in a highly charged environment.
Language Literacy Acquisition Area- place where educators, parents, and students can find English acquisition technologies through the use of the world wide web. Compiled by Mr. William Fratianni, our webmaster.