Valley View North Elementary

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School Spirit & Traditions

We are a campus full of passion and hope.
We believe when others wonder...
We achieve when others fail...
We suceed when others try...
We are the White Tigers...full of hope, passion and commitment.

Our tradition is one of excellence and passion for the under-represented, the hungry and the under-valued. Our roots are deep here in South Texas. We rose from the ashes of fields of corn (Las Milpas).
The fields around our campus are a reminder of our roots, from whence we came. The soil is a reminder that even in barren fields, crops and vigorous minds shall rise.
So with that tradition in mind, we are the caretakers of the barren fields where dreams are grown.
Today we stand an Exemplary easy feat, thanks to the hopes and hard work of passionate educators tending to their fields of bright healthy minds.

Author: W Fratianni