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      Board Member Appreciation Month   "Launching the Next Generation." A Celebration of looking ahead and planning for the Future of all our students.     
      Board Member Appreciation Month   "Launching the Next Generation." A Celebration of looking ahead and planning for the Future of all our students.     
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Principal's Message

Welcome to Valley View North Elementary. I want to take the time to exalt all the great things happening at our District and our campus in particular.
Our District has garnered many accolades from the Education, Business and University Communities Statewide and Nationally. We are very proud to be part of the success and are doing our part to bring distinction and pride to our students and community. We are a forward thinking campus that intertwines education with technology applications that will benefit the students and the community as a whole. We are a very strong technically advanced campus with a strong emphasis on future technology development and educational coupling with a defined set of skills that will prepare our students for the challenges of a tech savvy world in which they will live and coexist with others.  We are also highly recognized by the TEA. So those honors do not come by without effort, sacrifice, and commitment.

It is a great honor to be the campus of choice for you and your family, and we will work hard to gain your trust and respect, as you allow us to teach and educate your children.
 We are also developing a strong Chromebook Initiative in 2017-2018 for 3rd and 2nd Grade. The students have been assigned their own email accounts and will participate using Storybird a digital online publishing app with the parents permission. The Chromebook is based on Google's Chrome Operating System and its rich suite of applications that make collaborative learning a strong feature for a successful learning experience.

We will continue the use of IPADS by both teachers and students in each classroom. We have also flipped the classroom by integrating the IPAD, coupled to a Dell Laptop, a state of the art HD LCD Projector and DOCERI (an award wiinning educational APP) to be used all day by both Students and Teachers alike.

We are committed to a very strong STEM Initiative that teaches computer programming skills to elementary students using IPAD apps such as Kodable and Google-MIT sponsored SCRATCH, an Android and Windows PC based computer gaming program.

We continue making the  LASER (Learning Apps for Science, Engineering and Reading) Program more efficient and fun for students. The program is based on how to use Ipads and Chromebook devices with Apps that engage and excite the young minds!

So come by and become part of the exciting things happening at North.

  Marina Leal - Principal Valley View North Elementary.....a TEA Exemplary Campus!