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State Standards » School Technology and Readiness Starchart

School Technology and Readiness Starchart

We are delivering a total technology push integration for our campus.
Our goal is to integrate technology usage in the classroom and to better prepare the students and faculty regarding technology usage to shorten the learning curve involved in acquiring new language or developing cognition of abstract concepts in science and mathematics.
It is our goal to disseminate as much information as possible to students and educators on our campus that can be used to acquire Language concepts with the use of audio, video and multi-media and ultra-sensory capablitity technologies.

School Technology and Readiness
Starchart is a long-range Plan for Technology 2006-2020 developed by TEA for Educator preparation for the future of our students to integrate technology in their curriculum and learning strategies.
It is our most sincere wish to shorten that learning curve using technology and having a Technology focused individual to drive that goal into fruition at our campus.
Mr. Fratianni, our Robotics Teacher, Webmaster and Computer Lab instructor will spearhead North Elementary's initiative to deliver Science, and Mathematic rich curriculum support to all the grade levels to achieve and attain a wholesome and well-rounded 21st Century education for the students on our campus.

Together through our 21st Century Program Robotics Class we are developing learning strategies that will be delivered through the use of our internet website to the students, parents and faculty for use on campus, off campus and beyond.

Please share the knowledge and contribute to our effort so that through positive and enrichment feedback we can develop high-yield educational programs.

W. Fratianni
Educator, webmaster and technology usage coordinator at
Valley View North Elementary