Valley View North Elementary

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AR Program Highlights October 2, 2017

.Congratulations, the following AR classes of the Week:
PK: Ms. Bautista 158 points
K: Mrs. Leal - 27 points
1st: Mr. Agular - 33 points
2nd: Mrs. Jimenez - 29 points
3rd: Ms. Garza - 84 points
4th: Ms. Perez - 184 points
Weekly total: 1,397.3 points
Yearly Total: 4,454.9 points
Congratulation to the top Word Earning classes of the Week:
PK: Ms. Bautista - 70,646 words read
K: Mrs. Leal - 9,206 words read
1st: Ms. Gutierrez- 18,203 words read
2nd: Mrs. Jimenez - 54,866 words read
3rd: Mrs. Garza - 177,071 words read
4th: Mrs. Perez - 1,142,435 words read
Congratulations to Ms. Perez's class for having read over a million words for the second week in a row!
Most Points: Dealexandria Gonzalez: 103.8 points
Most Words: Dealexandria Gonzalez - 592,846 words read
North has read 7,467 books
North has earned 7, 131,109 words
49% of our students have passed their AR test with 91% or better. 
94% of our students have taken at least one AR test