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Red Ribbon Celebrations 2018-2019

Be a Nerd ... Not a Druggie!

TEA Awarded Highest Recognitions above any VVISD School 2018-2019

Valley View North awarded TEXAS TEA HIGHEST Recognition of all VVISD Campuses!

You our community is what makes our school an awesome place for your children!

Programa de Ipads, Chromebooks, Telefonos Samsung y Iphones

Board Members provided our students with backpacks and school supplies

Epic App with Audio Books, E books, Read to me Books and Spanish books


New Pilot program with Epic App for North Laser Program by W Fratianni

Backpack Giveaway by Board Members

Libros en Epic App ...Un programa de Mr. Fratianni en North LASER Program

Enormous Parental Participation is what makes our school great...Thanks for coming!

Wear a non-scary costume for our Fall Festival!

October 31, 2018 Red Ribbon Celebration vs Drugs!


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Red Ribbon Celebration Until 10/31/2018 Thumbnail Image

Red Ribbon Celebration Until 10/31/2018

Fight On Drugs through education, presentations and positive life choices. We aim to educate and prepare our students to gain knowledge and based on that knowledge to make smart choices in life. Various law enforcement agencies will do presentations in our school throughout this week intertwined with fun activities for our students culminating in a Fall Festival on Oct 31st, 2018.
ONE TEAM ONE DREAM Thumbnail Image


Because we dare to dream where opportunities are made by hard work and community involvement. We espouse the motto, One Dream One Team. Sueñe con nosotros, alcanzemos nuevas metas para nuestros hijos, hijas y toda la comunidad!
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Tiger Spotlight

Tiger Spotlight shines bright on our lovely , Olga Segura Thumbnail Image

Tiger Spotlight shines bright on our lovely , Olga Segura

This week the Tiger Spotlight shines over Olga Segura, reading intervention teacher. She always goes beyond her duties and helps with all tasks assigned to her. Mrs. Segura was working with 2nd graders since the beginning of the year until now that the regular teacher returned. Mrs. Segura personifies a prime example of the dedication and hard work that is expected from all teachers. She is a vital team member for Valley View North. Keep up the great work!!!!
Sports Highlights with Coach Alfredo Salinas Thumbnail Image

Sports Highlights with Coach Alfredo Salinas

Coach Alfredo Salinas is training our students with basketball techniques after-school and also coaches the Basketball team at the JV Level. He uses these coaching experiences to teach fundamental sports skills to elementary students. Students at Valley View North talk about their favorite sports and games performed by coach Salinas. But it's not all fun and games, students say they work hard and learn a lot in his class. Coach A. Salinas realizes that not everyone will be an athlete but strives to teach our students about the importance of exercise. Thank you Coach Salinas for all your hard work!!!
La Asistencia es muy importante para el exito del estudiante Thumbnail Image

La Asistencia es muy importante para el exito del estudiante

Cada dia que el estudiante viene a la escuela, obtiene informacion durante sus lecciones y estudios. Estos conocimientos son parte de una fundacion para otras lecciones y sucesivamente el exito sera el fruto del esfuerzo. Les invitamos a fomentar el sentido de urgencia de educarse y ser exitoso en la vida de sus hijas e hijos. Nosotros por nuestra parte estamos para ayudar a formar sus mentes y valores civicos de responsabilidad y exito academico. La meta de formar profesionistas, y ciudadanos lideres en nuestra comunidad es de todos, la familia y los maestros.
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