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Fratianni ChromeBook University 

 Videos, instructional materials, books, pdfs, and ideas how to implement Google Apps for Education using Chromebooks in the classroom.
Chrome OS (Operating System) is the engine behind Chrome books. Chrome Books are laptops or hybrid tablet/laptops that run on Google's Web-browser as the operating system.
The Chrome OS uses a plethora of native apps to be used in school settings, classrooms and for connectivity and collaborative work. In addition there is
GAFE are Google Apps for Education: they include a word processor, spreadsheet app, a presentation app, a form app ,and others interconnected in a google ecosystem.
We will try to bring articles, videos , and other innovative ways in which Chrome OS is being used throughout Academia and beyond.
We will also talk about Applications and Browser-extensions that allow users to do add on activities on the Chrome browser, such as connecting wifi printers, epson wireless projectors, Chromecast (wireless video), and other peripherals to the already powerful Operating System.
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William Fratianni, Computer Lab Manager and Webmaster.
I. Google Apps for Education
II. ChromeBooks
III. Cutting Edge Peripherals and Chrome Extensions

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